1. Q : What is the difference between the Lite, Personal and Professional/Enterprise licenses?
    A : The Personal license is valid for personal use only while the Professional license is valid for commercial/enterprise use. In other words, if you'll be using Fint in a machine at your work place you should be going for either the Professional or Enterprise license.


  2. Q: On how many machines can I install FINT together with the license I've purchased?
    A : A single license is valid for use only on a single machine (1 license == 1 seat).  A license can only be installed/used on multiple machines if it was purchased during promotion that specifically states that the license is for multiple seats.


  3. Q: Does the license need to be renewed yearly?
    A : No.  Licenses do not expire. Within 1 year of purchase, upgrades and email support is free.  However after 1 year, if you still would like to receive upgrades and support,  please contact us to get a discount on the subscription license. 


  4. Q: Does  FINT support testing of the various Query syntax of OData?
    A: Yes, definitely.  FINT comes with an easy to use editor for entering the various query options (where (or filter), first, top, skip, select, orderby, orderbydescending, expand and more).  You can even use your own custom query options


  5. Q: Can I run performance tests?
    A: Yes you can.  FINT supports several load test types (Constant, Burst and Incremental) and the test parameters like number of virtual users, total test time, invoke interval etc. are configurable


  6. Q: OData is just a REST Service. Will I manually specify the HTTP parameters?
    A : Even though an OData service is just a REST service, it has a metadata endpoint that describes the types and methods available.  This metadata endpoint is similar to the OpenAPI/Swagger endpoint of typical REST services.  FINT uses the metadata to generate a strongly-typed client.  All calls go through this client so you wouldn;t have to worry about the underlying HTTP parameters.


  7. Q: Does FINT support custom server functions? 
    A : Yes.  In the generated strongly-typed odata client, you will find the custom server functions. They have the light blue-ish icon.


  8. Q: Can I run a FINT on multiple PC's and run a distributed performance test?
    A: Yes, individually, each FINT application acts as a client to the OData service.  However, in the future we'll improve this so that you can control the distributed test from one place. That would mean all the performance test results are collected and monitored in a single place.