In this tutorial we'll see how you can call Unary methods.  We'll be using the RouteGuide example service that is part of the gRPC repository.  Shown below is the *.proto definition of the service

route guide proto


As you can see above, ListFeature is a Server Streaming method.  It accepts a request of type Feature and returns a stream of type Feature.  Before we can call this method, we'll need to first discover the service. For that, please have a look at the Getting Started.  Once the service is discovered and the client is generated and compiled you'll see the following

ListFeatures - Server Streaming
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  • Service Panel (Left) : Shows the discovered methods.
  • Request Panel (Middle) : Shows the selected method
  • Response Panel (Upper Right) : Shows the response of the method call
  • Server Stream Panel (Bottom Right) : Shows the stream of responses from the server


Select the ListFeatures method . This will generate a request populated with default values.  Modify the request by selecting any of the child nodes.  Once, all the parameters are populated, click on the Run button (  )


Call ListFeatures Method
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Here's a quick GIF of how it works

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