In this tutorial we'll see how to create a functional test case for a Server Streaming method.  We'll be using the RouteGuide example service that is part of the gRPC repository.  


Steps :

  1. Discover a gRPC service using *.proto file or via Server Reflection.  Please see the Getting Started tutorial on how to do this.
  2. Navigate to the Tests menu and click on the Create button.  Unlike the screenshot below, select the method ListFeatures (this is the Server Streaming method)



  3. Configure the Test Information, Validation Rules, and Test Input.  These steps are described in the Create Functional Test Case (Unary) tutorial.
  4. Because ListFeatures is a server streaming method, the test case contains an additional section for the streamed server responses.  See screenshot below.
    Click to enlarge

  5. Click the Run (  ) button
  6. The Response and Server Stream messages match. We have a passing test!
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